Top Questions

What's this about a Guided Tour?

We are organizing 2 guided tours of 2 hours each, through the historical city center of Timisoara. The first will be on Friday and the second on Monday, both starting at 13:55 from this location.

The price is 5 EUR per person, not included in the pass price, payable at the start of the tour, directly to the tour guide.

Those who would like to participate, please mark the corresponding field in the Registration Form, after choosing the Pass you would like to purchase.

What's with the Knight with Shining Armour Themed Competition?

On Friday night at 22:00 everybody will participate in this really fun competition.

The rules will be announced on the spot. Keep that tension rising ... >:)

Registration / Checking In

How do I check-in / register / get my wrist band?

You will need to show some form of valid ID when you register, because your tickets are tied to your name.

If you are not registered, you can do so on the spot. Please refer to the registration desk in the entrance hall.

If you have questions regarding the on-line registration process, don't hesitate to contact us anytime. We are glad to help.

I am an advanced WSDC Dancer, how do I register?

If you are an Advanced WSDC Dancer, please get in touch with us. We have a separate registration process for you.


How will the Workshop Auditions work?

Your workshops start on Friday at 17:00 with the Auditions.

You will get 3 songs to dance on. You will rotate before each song. This will help us ensure that you picked the right level for you, so you can get the most out of this Event.

After the audition you will receive your event wristband at the registration desk.

If you have missed your audition or have any problem with it, please look for Andrei or Lumi.

Are the workshops gender balanced?

Yes. We will take extra special care during the registration & audition process in order for every level to have a 50 - 50 gender balance. We want to ensure that all of you get the maximum benefit out of your workshops and that you don't spend half of it waiting for a leader or a follower.

Does the the optional Styling Workshop cost extra?

Yes, the Styling Workshop is an additional 2 hours of training, one hour with Diego & Jessica and one with Jakub & Emeline. The cost is €35, and you can purchase a ticket by selecting the extra option when you get your normal Workshop Pass.

Can I pay for just the Styling Workshop?

We wanted the Styling Workshop to be a bonus addition for people already participating in the main workshops. As such, you can only purchase a Styling Workshop ticket along with a Workshop Pass.

Jack & Jill

Will I get WSDC points if I place high enough?

Citadel Swing 2017 is a WSDC Registry Event, so our JnJ competition offers WSDC points.

How do I register for the Jack & Jill competition?

Registration for the JnJ competitions end on Saturday, 14:55! Late entries will not be accepted, sorry!

What are the Jack & Jill competition levels?

There will be 4 levels of JnJ: Newcomer, Novice, Intermediate and Advanced.

How many songs will we dance to in the Jack & Jill competition?

You will get 3 songs. You will rotate randomly before each song.

When / what is Marshalling?

The Jack & Jill competition starts on Saturday, 16:15 with Marshalling!

We will post the heats in time so you know when you have to participate.

We will place you in the right order and the whole heat marches onto the dance floor at once. This will help us be on time.


How do I make sure I don't damage the dance floor?

Please take care of our dance floor by using a pair of dancing shoes which you don't use outside.

Don't bring in any chairs, tables, food, drinks, cigarettes or dance talc and please don't use metal heels.

Thank you!

Can I bring drinks on the dance-floor?

Please do not bring any drinks on the dance floor, it's dangerous for everyone dancing who may slip on a spilled drink and hurt themselves.

Any drinks found on the dance floor will be removed by the staff immediately.

Thank you for understanding.